Our focus is on quality, not quantity

We focus on quality rather than quantity. Unlike many larger agencies, we do not usually delegate work to freelancers – the lion’s share of our work is carried out in-house. Your projects will always be translated by the same person, who will get to know your company and your requirements. Also, our small size makes it easier for us to maintain confidentiality.

Are terminology and tone of voice important to you?

We understand the importance of sticking to your preferred terminology and tone of voice. Each project will be thoroughly researched from the outset. We will review as much reference materials as possible – your corporate website, brochures and any other materials that you care to provide us with.

Our language combinations

We specialise in high quality translations from Swedish into English and English into Swedish. We occasionally carry out translations from Norwegian, Danish or French into Swedish or English. These language combinations are all carried out in-house.

The above languages are our focus, but we are able to assist you with translations into virtually any language. Such translations are not carried out in-house but by handpicked, experienced freelance translators. But you would hardly notice the difference – our competent project management ensures that even the most complex projects are handled seamlessly.

Areas of expertise

We cover a wide range of subject matters, but we specialise in the following areas:

  • Legal (including contracts, judgments, arbitral awards and public tender documentation)
  • Financial (including financial statements, Key Investor Information Documents and prospectuses)
  • Business, PR and corporate communications (including press releases and presentations)
  • Medical (including medical reports, SPCs, FSNs, package leaflets and dosing cards)
  • Marketing (including website copy, brochures and campaign materials)